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Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc.

       We are proud to be part of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway Project, being its first and staunchest supporter, in its aim to bridge the islands of our country and pave the way for the development of public mobility, commerce and industry of those islands and provinces. In line with this, we also act as an indispensable partner to local government units and land transport operators in aiding promotion of trade and domestic tourism by providing safe, reliable, efficient and environment friendly shipping services, making maritime transportation to outlaying island provinces possible, more accessible and economical

       Is a domestic shipping company established on September 16, 1978 by Vicente Leyco Montenegro, Sr. who was the pioneer service provider of commercial and public transportation by sea via the route Batangas City – Mindoro Island and vice versa.

    From serving one route with our original boat, “Malaya”, !we have continuously expanded to cater to the ever growing demand for our services.

       Our company provides passenger and commercial marine transportation services with our roll on roll off (RORO) and fast-craft vessels.

Call: (043) 723-6980
Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)


Along Diversion Road, Bolbok
4200, Batangas City

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We at Montenegro Lines, consistently aim to improve our fleet and services not only to satisfy your needs, but also to fulfill your desires.


To give our guest traveler a safe and confortable trip to there destination.


To give the best services we had and making sure that there having a fun, haddel with care and to see how beautiful the phillippines can be.


To have the best service we secure the maintenance and cleanliness of our fleets


Making sure that the any land transporation will be secure and in a good hand with us.


Securing the cargo service will delivired on a Certain point of our service giving the a safe and secured service

What We Have


We now have a fleet of fifty-nine
Vessels, Fast Crafts and Passenger Fleets

Satellite Offices

With the count of Ten
Offices located in defFirent areas. with fifty – four (54) corresponding stations.

Ports Station

Thirty - four
ports beyond the borders of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.